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Update now available. If you have downloaded Bluto 7 before February 11, 2012, you need this update. This update corrects the Dow Jones ticker not updating.

This is a dynamic help file and will change from time to time. Please check back here or at for any new information, updates or products (future versions of Bluto are free and fully enabled).

Bluto 7 is portable! Take the Bluto 7 folder and you get the whole app with your bookmarks. Will fit on a floppy, if you actually have one!

(May work on XP and Vista, but designed for Windows 7).

Okay, you're not a dummy and loathe those popular yellow books that cater to them. (If you were, you wouldn't be searching for a better browser, now would you? And here you are). Here's your solution...Bluto 7, the browser for smart people! Everything is only one click away. Let me explain. How many thousands of times have you gotten a pop-up asking, "Are you sure you want to...?" I hate them too. So rather than play it safe and ask you the same question countless times, that nuisance has been eliminated. If you make a mistake, too bad. You'll learn pretty quickly how to do things properly, thus avoiding countless pop-up questions that insult your intelligence, (and also slow your surfing down). Want to save or replace a bookmark? Right-click on the bookmark panel to add/replace one. Made a mistake? Tough toodles. Now you won't do that again and your surfing time has increased by the lack of a warning message. This kind of logic is employed throughout Bluto 7 because you are not a dummy.  Read this and you will catch on quickly. The tool tips are always there to help and never slow  you down. The Tip of the Moment helps as well.

Note: To exit full-screen video mode, you must hit either alt+tab or windows key+tab.

Our logic, implemented:


This is a pretty straight-forward internet/local browser, with many cool features. Let's examine each feature step-by-step. Below is a screenshot with all features enabled:

The toolbar:

Reading from left to right, the toolbar buttons are as follows:

The Address Bar/Search Engine:

The address bar is just like any other address bar with a couple of minor changes. The history is never saved unlike every other browser out there; thus, insuring your privacy, even if you forget. The history in the address bar is erased every time you close Bluto. It's also smaller than most address bars to allow for more bookmarks and to hide some ridiculously long re-directed addresses. You can also type in a normal local address (eg: C:\Windows\Files\) and be taken to your folder within Bluto. The address bar also acts as a search engine if more than one word is typed in (or one word with a space after it) Eg: "vacation spot" will bring up a list of websites on the subject. Also, paste & go is enabled, meaning if you Ctrl+V a website address, there is no need to hit Enter, it will go there automatically. To paste and not go, right-click and select "paste." Hit Enter to go to that site.

The Bookmark Panel:

The bookmark panel is entirely unique. To create a bookmark, simply right-click anywhere in the bookmark panel and the address in the address bar will be stored on the panel and truncated to the site's actual name. To navigate to that site, simply left-click the bookmark. For example: becomes,  "Blackhatsoftwar..." as shown in the example above. There are two bookmark panels, both having a capacity of 30 bookmarks each. To delete a bookmark, type a space or two and then right-click over the desired bookmark to be deleted. Until the bookmark panel is full, each new bookmark will be added sequentially, unless you right-click on a stored bookmark. This action will replace a stored bookmark with whatever is in the address bar. The tooltip for a bookmark will reveal the full address for that bookmark and the tooltip for the bookmark panel will be a quick reference on how to use the panel in case you forget as shown below:

is the tooltip for the bookmark, Blackhatsoftwar...

is the tooltip for the bookmark panel

A maximum of 60 bookmarks can be stored; however, if your screen resolution is low, fewer bookmarks will be available. You can left-click in any empty part of the bookmark panel to navigate to  to check for updates or any new products.

The Powerbars:

Another unique idea. On each side of Bluto is a glowing green powerbar. They serve two functions:

Let's examine each sidebar:

The Left Sidebar:

The Right Sidebar:

The Tip of the Moment window: If you have a high-res screen or square monitor, the right sidebar will show you some handy Tips of the Moment above the Google search; otherwise, those of us who use laptops or lo-res screens will see the sidebar as it is below.

The Status bar controls:

All icons are clickable.

Window below is brought up by clicking the first icon above

The 4th icon above brings up this window. You can also submit your site to be added here by clicking the "Your Site Here!" button.


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